The destination

From the changing room on the ground floor, climbing up a few steps: a crackling fire. The bar with a juice machine and the samovar. Then the relax-room with a view, comfortable arm chairs and foot-rests, on the back a few tables to sit down and chat. In the room next-door it’s very quiet – this is the silent area! A reading corner with appropriate light and rattan islands to snuggle up, on the walls hang exotic hammocks; in the front the sunbeds and on the back the infrared capsule, where your back can finally find some relief.

Get hot

To start off some “hard work” in one of the four saunas. The question is: “Which one”? The big finnish sauna outside (90-95° C), the herb sauna (50-60° C), the rock-sauna made of slate from the Vizze Valley (60-70° C) or the crystal steam room (50° C). Your body shall decide in which sequence!

Cool down

Your body is asking to cool down and for a little bit of rest. After a nice shower jump into the cold immersion pool or go to the “cold cave”. And in between the two you might get a little Kneipp therapy or a soothing massage with the hot whirlpool jets on the terrace.


Finally… escaping the daily reality in one of the resting pods. Slowing down your heart rate in the smell of pine, memories of past summer days in the “hay dream”, relaxing in the “wave dream” and learning to switch off on a warm waterbed.

Opening hours Sauna

From 15/06/2024 – 05/09/2024

Everyday from 02:00pm – 09:00pm


Sauna Information

Finnish sauna: 90° C, 10-30% humidity
Steam bath: 40° C, 80-100% humidity
Stone sauna: 45-60° C, 40-55% humidity
Herbal sauna: 40-60° C, 35-55% humidity

Sauna infusions every 1,5 hours from 3:00PM in the Finnish sauna (subject to short-term changes.)

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