Welcome to Balneum Vipiteno

Water, the way you most enjoy it!

Soft and warm, fresh and running, sparkling and cold

Is your idea of paradise a 25 m long swimming lane? A lane to yourself in the sports pool. And all the time in this world to glide through the waves. Breaststroke, front-crawl, butterfly or dolphin. Or is your idea of paradise a surface of 1500 m²? A part of this is yours; the outdoor pool just there, cappuccino and ice cream at reach. What about a cosy temperature of 60°C? And an almost 100% air humidity: steam that cleanses your body and soul.
Just the way you want it! Your paradise is at the Balneum of Vipiteno; the outdoor pool in the summer, the indoor pool and sauna all year round. Trust us! We make sure there are enough places to sit and lie down… For big ones and for little ones. Paradise is for everyone.

Welcome to Balneum Vipiteno!

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    Opening hours indoor swimming pool

    Winter: 05.09.2022 – 29.05.2023

    Monday – Friday: 12AM – 9PM

    Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 10AM – 9PM

    Morning Swimming: Wednesdy and Friday 8AM – 11AM

    Opening hours Sauna

    Winter: 05.09.2022 – 29.05.2023
    Monday – Friday: 2PM – 10PM

    Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 10AM – 10PM

    Women only Sauna: Monday 2PM – 6PM

    Family Sauna: Sunday/Holidays 10AM – 4PM